Theory Test

Theory Test

A large portion of becoming a good, safe driver involves learning the rules of the road. How can we decide on what's right or wrong if we have no basic understanding of the subject?

Many drivers have never read The Highway Code or Driving Manual and base their decision making on past experiences (good or bad), hearsay or just what they feel is right for the situation at the time. The theory test is designed to improve our knowledge and help us to understand why the roads need to have rules, and why we should obey them not only for our safety but for the safety of others as well.

When preparing for the theory test, make sure you read the Highway Code thoroughly and put your knowledge to the test in your driving lessons. Talk it through with your driving instructor and do the online theory and hazard perception tests.

Check your wrong answers in The Highway Code so you can understand where you went wrong. Knowing the reasons behind the questions is better than just learning things by repetition.

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Booking Your Theory Test

You can do this online at and as of October 1st the cost has dropped to £25.00.